Bowser, King of My Heart

Video games have always been a white straight male domineered demographic. It was white straight males designing for who? Other white straight males. And so the hero of the piece was...ya know. A white straight male. 

Not surprisingly most Disney princes fall into a parallel category. We don't know of anything else because we weren't raised with anything else.

The end result being, I bond so much more with the villains in a piece than the heroes. They have motives, and backstory, and the developers have actually gone out of their way to try to make them—on some complex level—more relatable. They're so underdogish. So misunderstood by society. So wrapped up in trying to gain approval (via monetary gain, eternal beauty, or land or marital conquest) through such quirky means. 

And they...they only have one life to live. Unlike our hero. Maybe that's enough for them. When they're defeated, they are defeated. They pack their things and go. 

It both shocks and saddens me that more people don't feel this way towards video game antagonists.