Bring in the Scabs

Friend and colleague Genevieve Anna Tyrrell mock breaks up with me in light of the real deal happening this past weekend:

Sherard, your bedroom decor doesn't flatter my skin tone. The decision has been made: I'm breaking up with you.

Sherard, you didn't reach my twenty joke per date quota. We have no future and because of this I've decided to end the relationship. 

Sherard, we didn't reach a level of intellectual discussion that's necessary by my calculations to move forward. So I'm no longer interested in this arrangement. (Just so you know.)

Sherard, this is the guy you've been dating's assistant. He informs me you two have ended. He is now single. 

Genevieve is a non-fiction writer, artist, graphic narrator, and professor. You may learn more about her by following this link.


*Fun fact: Scabs, or strikebreakers, are sometimes referred to as "Knobsticks."