Abusive Green Tea

I don't know how to do it yet, but I want to write a story about how green tea keeps making me break out. And how I keep drinking it anyways.

If you steep green tea under a boil for ten minutes, you're supposed to unleash the most amount of wonderful anti-oxidants (catechins) that reportedly help lower cholesterol and improve blood flow while lowering blood pressure. Yay wonderful things.

Oddly enough I enjoy the taste of green tea. I say odd because knowing myself it was probably a taste acquired in high school when I learned (whether true or not) that green tea was beneficial to one's liver. (I was on medicine that the doctor told me would do a number on my liver. And since I was planning on keeping that liver to do my fair share of college drinking, I figured I'd better shift into conservation & protection mode.) I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned here about the power of one's mind to overcome adversity or personal preferences but I prefer not to think about it. What does drive me crazy though is that every time I drink green tea with any sense of seriousness—any amount over a cup or two in two or three days—I break out. 

There are loads of reasons why this could be. I could be mildly allergic. It could be psychosomatic (surprise, surprise: 16-year-old breaks out in pimples. Blames something besides himself). It could be toxins leaving my body; how grateful should I be that it's just so simple as this.

One way or another, the fact remains: copious amounts of green tea, copious amounts of pimples. So you'd think for the sake of skin sanity I'd lay off the sauce. But quite the opposite; I'll drink it on occasion, and then one week a year or so I'll make a gigantic batch of it and replace coffee, juice, soda with superbrew green tea. And then I suffer from super pimples and their subsequent scares the week after.

It's the Beating Your Head Against the Wall Syndrome. Why do I do it? Because it'll be so great when I stop.