Yawn Click Yawn

Every once in a while, I think about how cool it would be to have an exhibit at a museum. It's not so much the notariety or the prestige as it is asking the world at large to look at a series of photographs and ask themselves why they're grouped together, or what the overall statement might be. (Because that's what I do when I look at an exhibit.) And after going to the Institute of Contemporary Art here in Boston recently, I’ve decided that I really need to revisit the “Bored Museum Employee” exhibit set that I was considering. 

At present, I have two burning concepts that I would love to pin to walls and ask my friends and museum-goers to consider: one is the "Bored Museum Employee," because there's something really interesting about how museum employees act when they don't think that they're being watched; their job, essentially, is to protect the art and police the floors, but when there's no one to police, they are left just standing there, surrounded by all of this sometimes amazing (sometimes not) art, and their expressions are often ones of I-could-not-possibly-care-less. Awe-inspiring art coupled with awe-inspiring boredom. I just need to work up the nerve to brazenly photograph unsuspecting art gallery employees at work. 

The other concept is women over 50 in public places. Specifically in places of transit. Because in popular media, women still vanish in the public eye after they've hit middle age. And because of this or in spite of this it seems that women dress more interestingly after they hit middle age. The hairstyles become more flagrant; the dangly, eye-catching earrings come out, silk and woven scarves appear. And when I see someone dressed like this on the subway, as opposed to being driven around in the passenger seat by their husband, I become intrigued. I don't know why anyone wouldn't. It's the dress of the underdog. 

Sometimes I sit around and brainstorm other exhibition ideas. People on sidewalks would be an interesting one. Racism on websites would be another. And I'm accepting other considerations. But I really need to break out my camera first.