Change the Scene

In the grand scheme of things, I really don't have a lot of stuff. It's growing up in a military household with many many address changes meets a family philosophy of stuff is just stuff. But going into my second <GASP> second year in the same apartment, I wouldn't argue with anyone who said that I've accumulated a few things. 

(Where's my hoarder-in-the-making badge, right?)

But after watching this documentary entitled, "Tiny" about a man who built his own incredibly small house, I couldn't help but feel like I was just carrying around a lot of extra stuff. 

So I started decluttering. And getting rid of things I don't use or wear anymore isn't a big deal. But the vacuum of space that it opened up, however small, was eye opening to me. Like I was rediscovering different parts of my room. "You mean, this pile of papers doesn't have to be on my desk?" And "You're saying, I can consolidate this bookshelf and not keep books lined on top of the dresser? The very idea." The landscape had changed. Mountains had been shifted three miles to the right and river gorges had been rerouted through plains. My room became roomier. 

It's a little late for Spring Cleaning, to be sure. The flowers bloomed, my allergies exploded, and 4th of July fireworks were witnessed already. But now that my room feels cleaner, I'm looking forward to a very relaxing fall.