The Shoot-Your-Eye-Out Card

Twice this past week someone has mentioned tarot cards to me, which is strange because it's not something that comes up in a typical conversation all that often. This ain't the bayou, and I have a hard enough time matching my Converse with my shorts, let alone matching my rabbit's foot with my necklace of dried pygmy fingers. I don't even wear my one and only earring anymore; the industrial piercing that the Timehop app on my phone has informed me I got exactly 4 years ago to this date. 

But somehow, tarot cards are the topic. And then the ensuing, "Then they wanted more money," which makes me wonder if astrologers attended business school too.

As a struggling, everyday 20something American, trying to make it in the big city (north of the "big city"), I think it's kind of encouraging to hear some buzz about this sort of frivolity. It's like hearing that people are going to the movie theaters again, or that people are buying lots of Christmas presents. Because I don't know a heck of a lot about economics (perhaps if I did, I'd be better employed), these are my signs of a burgeoning cash flow.

Not to mention my excuse to treat myself to the occasional coffee in a low key coffeehouse from time to time.