Tiempo, cara mio

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Well, Americans at least—but savvy global citizens are welcome to partake in the festivities too. 

This Independence Day is marked with Hurricane Arthur forecasts, red velvet cake and yesterday’s stir fried rice, Gen lying on my bed playing poetry slam videos, and me sitting by the window alternating between jumping on social media and watching the rain drip from the overgrown plants in our neighbor’s backyard. 

We’re talking off and on about a whole host of things. But what strikes me the most is the dialogue we have about jobs, and career. (What could be any more American than that?*) I lament the amount of time I spend looking for a new job. She wishes she could spend more time working on her visual art so she could apply to art schools. Both of us exhaust our free time reaching out and looking within, creating and cajoling, meeting and ripping apart. I’d like to think that if I wasn’t hub hunting, I could be working on that collection of essays that I’d someday like to publish—that hobby/profession that sees no in-between. And I’m sure Gen feels the same about her graphic narrative as she switches back and forth between grading and downing lozenges like pomegranate seeds. 

In the end, the argument is always the same: we wish we had more time. We wish we could have done more. We’ve put forth entire theses and still, it’s not enough for us with our overachieving desires. 

Time is the gift I wish to give on Independence Day. I don’t know how to get it, and I don’t know how to give it, but it is the most valuable thing in my arsenal of things and that’s what I would like to wish everyone. If you find a little extra time in your schedule, take it. It means so much. 

*The second time I’ve stated this today; the first after having fish and chips for lunch.