Something Is Not Right

Pending storms drive me crazy. 

I mean, I love an actual storm; to watch the snow fall is a glorious natural occurrence. Ditto a good afternoon thunderstorm, with rain as heavy and as silk drapery. But storms on the horizon—when you can sense their arrival, but there's nothing in sight—leave me restless and drive me mad. 

I can blather on about differences in atmospheric pressure, or for more accuracy contact a good friend and memoirist whose meteorological knowledge and ability to read upper atmospheric weather maps can sometimes strike one as a little spooky, but the end result is that I tend to act a little weird in the few days before a big storm. In the same way that alligators act a little weird in the few days before a big storm. Maybe cats, dogs, and bulls too, but nothing says: Hurricane, like a gator in a shallow creek. 

And, there are already so many parts unseen operating in our day to day lives. Emotions like happiness and fear, which have proven to be transferable (even across species), and language itself, which can neither be touched nor seen nor smelled nor tasted unless you suffer(?) from synesthesia. Nothing new there. But then adding this bizarre feeling of "Something not normal is about to happen," and it sort of topples the tower.