I was sending out a semi-professional email today in which I blathered on about a lunch networking meeting. And all of a sudden, it popped into my head: sobremesa. The phrase I wanted to use was sobremesa

A few days ago I ended up reading an article about foreign phrases that don't readily translate into English. Most of them were sort of hokey, feel-good words (in the most literal of senses, like hygge or shinrin yoku), but sobremesa was different. It's essentially the chit-chat that happens after the meal you've shared with someone. And in my excitement, how could I not slip that right in that email? So I did.

And then I stared at the computer screen.

And then I deleted it.

And then I reentered it.

And then I deleted it again.

And finally, I reentered it once more and then hit send. 

I was worried that the phrase came across as too pompous, because I knew it was obscure and that the recipients would have to go and look it up. And then I was worried that it was too low brow because it was Spanish and so few if any borrowed Spanish words really make it into the mainstream. (It's a wonderful language we should lend from more.) 

Sobremesa, guys. Nothing gives me a sense of hygge like a good sobremesa.