Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida, 2012.

Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minor in Technical Writing from the University of South Florida, 2010.

Teaching Experience

Teacher of Record, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL. 

Intro to Creative Writing (CRW 3013), 2011-2.

Taught 50 students per semester (Summer, Fall, and Spring), to include grading their essays and short stories and providing constructive commentary to help improve their writing, as well as lecturing on basic moves and bodies of thought within the Creative Writing field.

Teacher’s Assistant, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Assistant to Terry Ann Thaxton for Form & Technique of Creative Writing (CRW 3053), 2011.

Assistant to Pat Rushin for Creative Writing for Non-Majors (CRW 3011), 2011.

Assistant to Lisa Roney, PhD for Form & Technique of Creative Writing (CRW 3053), 2010.

Assistant to Peter Telep for Creative Writing for Non-Majors (CRW 3011), 2011.

Writing Publications

Harrington, Sherard. “My Valentine Sieve.” Boston Literary Magazine. 2012. Winter 2013 Issue. Print. Fiction.

Harrington, Sherard. “Just Call Me Troy: Names in Nonfiction.” Packington Review. Fall 2013 Issue. Online. 2014. Nonfiction.

Harrington, Sherard. “Ghouls and Goblins.” The Liner Magazine. Vol. 1, 2012. Print. Nonfiction. 

Harrington, Sherard. “How to Date Your Teenage Boyfriend.” Spilling Ink Review. Vol. 6, 2011. Online. Fiction.

Harrington, Sherard. “Connection.” Misjudge Your Limits. 2011. Online. Fiction. 

Photography Publications

Harrington, Sherard. “Tamra Artelia Martin—Spanish Moss.” Tamra Artelia Martin. 2014. Online.

Harrington, Sherard. “She Walks Alone.” Bellingham Review. Vol. 36, Issue 66, 2013. Print/Online. 

Harrington, Sherard. “A Bumpy Ride.” Jet Fuel Review. 2012. Online.

Harrington, Sherard. “Parcels: MFAs in Progress.” Orlando Sentinel. 2012. Online. 

Harrington, Sherard. “Ashley Inguanta—Thesis Reading.” Ashley Inguanta. 2011. Online. 

Harrington, Sherard. “Smile Town.” Echo. 2004. Print. 



  • Programming Officer for the Graduate Student Senate of the University of New Hampshire. 2015.
  • Participant in the Walk For Hunger (20 miles). 2015.


  • Interviewed for People Around Town, episode 8. (Online, also available in iTunes, and however you prefer to download your podcasts.) 2014.
  • Interviewer of Alan Helms, author of Young Man from the Provinces, directed by Robert Mack. (Forthcoming, DVD & online.) 2014.
  • Client Services Manager at New Directions. 2014-5.


  • Extra for an instructional video promoting English as a Second Language textbooks at Thunder Sky Productions, LLC. 2013.
  • Chief Editor of the Campus Climate Action Plan at the Boston Architectural College. 2013.
  • Orator of “Think Virtually, Act Locally” from the This I Believe series for Mary Catherine Boehemer’s English as a Second Language course, taught in Munich, Germany. 2013.
  • Contributor to Allston Christmas, a webseries directed by Jared Vincenti. (Forthcoming.) 2013. 
  • Orator of “Apotosis” from Zora by Genevive Anna Tyrrell, winner of the Spring 2013 Graduate College Outstanding Thesis Award at the University of Central Florida. 2013.


  • Contributing Boston Writer for Empty Lighthouse. 2012. 
  • Copy Editor for YNE Magazine. 2012. 
  • Consultant on the committee for the Undergraduate Outstanding Writer of Creative Nonfiction award at the University of Central Florida. 2012.
  • Field Interviewer and Photographer of the Florida Highwaymen for Jacki Lyden. 2012. 


  • Graduate Intern for The Florida Review, Vol. 36, Numbers 1 & 2. 2011.
  • Volunteer Librarian for The Center, Orlando’s only LGBT community center. 2011.


  • Photographer for Busch Gardens. 2010-08.


Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). Attendee. (Boston) 2013.

Sustainability “Un”conference at the Cambridge Innovation Center. Volunteer. (Cambridge) 2013.

Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). Attendee. (Chicago) 2012.

Florida Writer’s Conference (Inaugural). Attendee/Volunteer chauffeur for Anthony Swofford and Jacki Lyden. (Orlando) 2012. 

Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association (PCA/ACA). Nonfiction panel, Speaker. Awarded funding for travel by the University of Central Florida. (Boston) 2012.

The English Symposium at UCF (Inaugural). Nonfiction panel, Speaker. (Orlando) 2012.

UCF Book Festival. Florida Poets: Terry Ann Thaxton, Lola Haskins, Peter & Jeanne Meinke, Panel Moderator. (Orlando) 2011.